Liminality is a 360° fulldome dance film produced as a collaboration between Wales and India. The piece explores the influences of both cultures with themes engaging the juxtaposition between spirituality and industry. Filmed in South Wales, Delhi and Goa at coastal and urban locations it is a short immersive work through the contemporary dance aesthetic. […]

In Search of Cosmic Life


Nature-loving Selena takes a field trip to the countryside with her elder brother Sunny, an engineering freshman. Under the starry sky, they met SPM-1, a mysterious robot that seems to know everything about life science. It may seem absurd for a robot to tell humans things about life, but we owe robots for their explorations […]

Morava 360


A fulldome show about a splendid region in the Central Europe which uses unconventional filming technologies including a fulldome aerial camera.

The Green Planet 3D - Fulldome Show

The Green Planet – 3D


In the same way astronomers look up at the stars, trees reach up to the sky. They are the giants of plant evolution, reaching towards the light of the Sun. Trees, forests and all the greenery of Planet Earth work together with the air, water and sun to maintain all life on our planet. Therefore, […]

Red Planet Rising


A fulldome show exploring Mars through mythology, history, literature, movies, TV and science with a look at what the future may hold. Watch the video!

Space Quiz


“Space Quiz” is a fulldome series of interactive children films for digital planetariums. Each film covers a basic topic for school-age astronomers.


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