A fulldome short-film about an old man, a cat and haunted memories. Info & trailer available. For planetariums and digital dome theatres.

Lichtmond - Days of Eternity - Fulldome Show

LICHTMOND – Days Of Eternity


With LICHTMOND “Days of Eternity” gold and platinum winning sound architects Giorgio and Martin Koppehele continue their artistic journey by setting another audiovisual milestone. Perfect sound and a fabulous, song-based story merge in a fulldome experience that takes the viewer on a fantastic journey to the pristine world of the planet “Chronos” – the universal […]



Metro is a fulldome show based on the 5D blockbuster in dynamic motion cinemas. The sinister journey through abandoned mines and underground stations.

The Shape of the Seashell


By the hand of the Ursa Major Constellation a girl departs on a trip to a fantasy world, discovering along her path mathematical secrets of nature, the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. For planetariums and digital dome theaters.

Die Wundertrommel


Die Wundertrommel was one of the first attempts to create moving picture based on a sequence of illustrations. If the zoetrop was spinned fast enough a fluent animation was presented to the spectator. In this short fulldome film this concept gets recreated and put in action as a spectacular attraction on a huge scale. For […]

Capturing the Cosmos – Fulldome Show

Capturing the Cosmos


Astronomers today are exploring the universe on a grand scale. But knowing what’s out there, is just the first step. Putting the pieces together to unlock the mysteries of the universe is the ultimate goal. Narrated by Academy Award winning actor Geoffrey Rush, discover the new astronomy being carried out under the breathtaking skies of […]

NOT EVEN ORION – Greetings to the Unknown


A fictional and playful fulldome ride towards the uncharted territories in space. In 1977 the VOYAGER 1 probe has been sent into space to explore the planets Jupiter and Saturn. It conveys a golden record containing earth-typical images and sound in case of an extraterrestrial encounter. Since 2012 it has reached the edge of our […]



For thousands of years we have looked to the stars at night in wonder and awe. Their mysteries have inspired curiosity across all cultures and civilizations. Starlight is told through the eyes of Margaret, as she steps back in time to relive childhood fears of the dark that awoke her curiosity about the night sky. […]

Asteroid: Mission Extreme - Fulldome Show

Asteroid: Mission Extreme


Asteroid: Mission Extreme takes audiences on a journey 65 million years in the making to discover how asteroids are both a danger and an opportunity for those of us on planet Earth. The danger of course lies in the possibility of a cataclysmic collision; the opportunity is the crazy idea that asteroids could be stepping […]



To get immersed in the atmosphere of inconceivable cosmic utopia. An art which has nothing to do with a man. The light and laser shapes emerging as a result of audio and visual synthesis may be said to be the actors. The play is performed by an orchestra of live light, laser and sound artists

Nuages Gris


This short program features a Geodesium space-music rendition of Franz Liszt’s “Nuages Gris” piano composition, mated with imagery from Hubble Space Telescope and Gemini Observatory. It was an entry for the VisuaLiszt competition at the Jena Fulldome Festival in 2011. A perfect mix of the arts and science visuals for your fulldome theater!

Pursuing the Dwarfs - Fulldome Show

Pursuing the Dwarfs


The Categorization of Dwarf Planets sets the world in two parts… one who loved Pluto as planet and the others who preferred simpler cataloging of celestial bodies … Dwarf planets are the worlds too small to be considered as full-fledged planets, but large enough to be classified as Asteroids. These are the Ancient Relics of […]

Habitat Earth - Fulldome Show

Habitat Earth


Living networks connect and support life forms large and small—from colonies of tiny microbes and populations of massive whales to ever-expanding human societies. In the California Academy of Sciences’ latest original planetarium show, Habitat Earth, discover what it means to live in today’s connected world. Through stunning visualizations of the natural world, dive below the […]

A Tale of Scale


A Tale of Scale is Aayushi’s first Full Dome short feature in the format of a Poem. In this show the team has made a feather-light fable to weave the knowledge of size comparison of celestial bodies. With the help of fun filled motion graphics, cute fable, rhyming script and melodious music, the feature puts […]

Tabaluga - Fulldome Show

TABALUGA and the Signs of the Times


The show is available in German only. The international version is currently in production and will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Imagine if you woke up one morning and you would have lost time. It was gone! Vanished! Simply nowhere to be found! That is just what happens to TABALUGA, the little […]

Map to the Chocolate Planet – mini


Two alien kids in some other Galaxy got the taste of Chocolate. In search of some imaginary planet made up of chocolate, they traveled the Universe leading to our Milky Way. Searching each planet of the solar system to derive which one is made of chocolate, they learn lots of other interesting facts about our […]



The show is about the life cycle of Stars. From the birth of star in a stellar nursery to its journey towards a black hole or supernova, “Astralis” explains these phenomena in a very easy narrative. With the eye catchy visuals and lovely music, the show works for all age groups including school audience.

Dragons: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures


For thousands of years, dragon mythology has existed across many cultures and continents, inspiring stories of terror, heroics, majesty and national pride. If dragons are just creatures of legend, how could these stories have emerged at different times in ancient Babylon, Greece, Asia and Medieval Europe? To answer this question, follow the unique tale of […]

Beyond the Arctic Circle


Live action immersive fulldome show about the Arctic region and its inhabitants. Experience a real POV husky ride through the snowy forests of Lapland, visit the reindeer herds living in the tundra and get to know how they survive in the extreme cold where no trees can grow. The expedition to the arctic is experienced […]


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