International Conference “Planetariums of the XXI Century”

International Conference “Planetariums of the XXI Century”

Andrey Lobanov

From June 13, 2017 until June 15, 2017(scroll down for more details)

The conference aims to present planetariums as a powerful, modern, information-educational way to develop educational activities and promote creativity in the sphere of culture and arts.

Event’s attendees

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Andrey Lobanov Andrey Lobanov

Event Details

Start date:June 13, 2017
End date:June 15, 2017
Event Website:
Event category: Demonstration, Exhibition, Lecture, Meeting, Workshop
Organizer(s): Svensons ATR MEDIA
Contact name: Andrey Lobanov
Phone: +79163038764
Venue: Valentina Tereshkova Cultural and Educational Center
Chaikovsky st., 3, Yaroslavl, 150000, Russia
Country: Russia

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