Comets & Discovery

Genre: Documentary
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Produced by: Bays Mountain Productions
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Release date: April 2013
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The show takes the viewer on a journey of discovery. We follow two intrepid comet hunters in first-person: one, a modern explorer, the other, Caroline Herschel, the famous 18th century comet huntress that ruled the skies for many generations.

With both, we learn how they each searched the skies, made their discoveries, and reported them for other astronomers to bear out. We also learn about what people thought comets were and their importance to them.

The show also incorporates two live sequences – if desired – to enhance the learning and fun. The first will be an activity to involve and engage the audience to learn more about the parts of a comet, the path a comet takes, and the dust and ion tails that splay out in their correct directions as the comet orbits the sun. The second sequence will use a facility’s star projection system and focus on any upcoming comets to see in the sky and how to view them.

The complete plans to make your own operating comet nucleus model with two operating tails and a sun model are available for free at the producer‘s website.

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Long version runtime: 20 min
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