Perfect Little Planet

Genre: Animation
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Produced by: Clark Planetarium Productions
Directed by:
Release date: March 2012
Type: Feature show
Plot keywords:
astronomy planets pluto science solar system


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Imagine the ultimate space vacation. Discover our solar system through a different set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Fly over the surface of Pluto, our best known Dwarf Planet. Dive over the ice cliffs of Miranda.

Sail through the rings of Saturn. Feel the lightning storms at Jupiter. And walk on the surface of Mars. Which destination would you choose? This is the solar system journey for space travelers of all ages.

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Clark Planetarium Productions


Long version runtime: 35 min
Short version runtime: 24 min
Suitable for: general audience
Target audience: 0 - 5, 6 - 13, adults
Resource & materials: DVD, guide for educators, poster
License: short-term license, traditional license
Official site:

Technical specifications

Video format: flat screen, fulldome
Resolution: 4K
Frame rate: 30 fps, 60 fps
Audio format: 5.1, stereo
Stereo 3D: none
Production technologies: CG, green screen, live action
Available languages: English, Spanish
Show orientation: unidirectional

Production & Support

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