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Front Pictures

Front Pictures

Front Pictures dome technology delivers the ultimate immersive turn-key solutions for education, entertainment and events.

Features cutting-edge single server systems for permanent and portable planetariums.
Compatible with all classes of projector thanks to advanced 5 stage auto-alignment and calibration.
Media playback is supported up-to 8k 3D 60fps all delivered via secure pay-per-view licensing technology for the ultimate flexibility.

A range of innovative apps deliver astronomy, sonic visualisation, presentation and gaming under the dome.
High-quality negative pressure domes are available from 3m – 15m suitable for indoor and outdoor use for fixed or semi-permanent installations.

Category: Private / Commercial
CEO / Director: Yuri Kostenko
Official website:

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Contact Details

Address: 16, Lavrskaya str.
ZIP / Postal code: 01015
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 50°25'59.452104"
Longitude: 30°33'18.042012"
Phone: +380442201742

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