Planetario Malargue

Planetario Malargue

Planetario Malargue

Planetarium Malargüe, is a venture funded and maintained with municipal budget , with an address hierarchy of Directors as part of the Municipal Executive Department . It also has A External Scientific Advisory Board , which advises in relation to the activities and contents developed in the Complex. Institution satisfied the this UN group of people who share the same passion and commitment for Work and each of the activities we a corporal.

Institution: Planetario Malargue
Opened in: 2008
System type: fixed
Category: Government / Municipal
Dome size: 10 (m) | 33 (ft)
Number of seats: 65
CEO / Director: Fabian Monzon
Official website:

Theatre Details

Theater name: Planetario Malargue
Institution name: Planetario Malargue
Dome Type: fixed
Dome System: Digital
Main Purpose: Entartainment
Main Audience: Families
Opened in: 2008
Yearly average attendance:

Dome Details

Dome Vendor: ADD vendor
Diameter: 10 (m) | 33 (ft)
Dome Shape: Geodesic
Dome Alignment: tilted
Dome Tilt: 15°

Video Equipment Details

Most recent upgrade: 2015
Projectors Configuration: Multi Channel
N° of Projectors: 5
Projectors Brand:
Projectors Technology: DLP
Closest Dome Resolution: 3K
Stereo 3D: None

Audio System

Audio System: 5.1 System
Tot. N° of speakers: 6


Orientation: Unidirectional
N° of Seats: 65
Headrest Yes
Interactive device No

Programming & Features

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Contact Details

Address: Comandante Rodriguez 207
ZIP / Postal code: 5613
City: Malargue
Country: Argentina
Continent: South America
Latitude: -35°28'0.12000000000012"
Longitude: -69°34'59.88"
Phone: +5492604472116

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