Scitech Planetarium

Scitech Planetarium

Scitech Planetarium

The Scitech Planetarium is the largest and greatest Planetarium in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s highly regarded and famous Live shows are world renowned and enthrall audiences everyday. With a wide range of shows catered for all audiences from all backgrounds everything is covered from Earth Science, Astronomy and all aspects of STEM.

Institution: Scitech Discovery Centre
Opened in: 2009
System type: fixed
Category: Museum / Science Center
Dome size: 18 (m)
Number of seats: 177
CEO / Director: Alan Brien
Official website:

Theatre Details

Theater name: Scitech Planetarium
Institution name: Scitech Discovery Centre
Dome Type: fixed
Dome System: Digital
Main Purpose: Education
Main Audience: Children
Opened in: 2009
Yearly average attendance: 135000
APLF profile: Visit the planetarium page

Dome Details

Dome Vendor: ADD vendor
Diameter: 18 (m)
Dome Shape: Spherical
Dome Alignment: tilted
Dome Tilt: 30°

Video Equipment Details

Most recent upgrade: 2013
Projectors Configuration: Multi Channel
N° of Projectors: 2
Projectors Brand:
Projectors Technology: DLP
Closest Dome Resolution: 4K
Stereo 3D: None

Audio System

Audio System: 5.1 System
Tot. N° of speakers: 16


Orientation: Panoramic / Concentric
N° of Seats: 177
Interactive device

Programming & Features

Stage Details

Stage type: Fixed
Stage size: 4 m2

People working at Scitech Planetarium

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Simon Robinson


Simon Robinson


Simon Robinson

Productions & Co-Productions

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Frozen in Time

Fulldome Shows screened and screening here

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Frozen in Time
Space School
Gopal, Prince of the Cow’s Planet
LICHTMOND – Universe Of Light
Spontaneous Fantasia
Infinite Horizons
Plantarium – DON’T PUBLISH!

Contact Details

Address: City West, Sutherland Street
ZIP / Postal code: 6005
City: West Perth WA
Country: Australia
Continent: Oceania
Latitude: -31°56'38.0256"
Longitude: 115°50'49.1568"
Phone: +61 8 92150700

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