SFIFF 2018

Santa Fe, NM, USA
Fulldome festival

The 10th Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival will be held at the IAIA Digital Dome, Santa Fe, October 17th-21st, 2018


For the 10th Annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, October 17th-21st, 2018, the festival is expanding their programming to include spherical film submissions that will be screened at IAIA’s state-of-the-art-Digital-Dome on the IAIA Campus.

This new addition to the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival’s diverse programming will not only allow SFIFF to screen the most cutting-edge spherical films but also invite the audience to experience the incredible 360° experience of the IAIA 4k 24.4 surround sound Digital Dome.

Event details

Organizer(s): Mats Reiniusson
Phone: +1 (505) 424-2349
Venue: IAIA Digital Dome
Address: 83 Avan Nu Po Rd
Postal code: 87508
City: Santa Fe, NM
Country: USA
Continent: North America

People attending the event