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“la Caixa” Foundation offers various meeting spaces for exchanging ideas about what is happening at the time in the scientific community, on scientists’ recent innovations and on their imminent achievements. The foundation also works together with universities, public and private research centres and university hospitals to generate new scientific knowledge. CosmoCaixa offers interactive, enjoyable science and an open door for anyone who is eager to learn and understand and who never stops wondering why things are the way they are. CosmoCaixa Barcelona boasts the Geological Wall and the Amazon Flooded Forest, which features more than 100 plant and animal species that convince visitors they have been transported from the Mediterranean to the very heart of the tropical jungle. In addition to the permanent facilities –Bubble Planetarium, digital Planetarium, Click and Flash, Touch, touch! and Explore your five senses– and its open areas, CosmoCaixa offers a scientific and educational program that includes exhibitions, workshops, conferences, courses and debates involving experts from all over the world.

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