Planetarium on the Go

Ioannina, Greece
Dome TheatreFulldome Producer

Planetarium on the Go, is a digital portable planetarium traveling around Greece.


Planetarium on the Go, the only portable planetarium in Greece with a fixed assembled dome for high quality projection, is a digital portable full dome (360o) theater 6m in diameter with a 57m2 screen surface, that creates a unique educational experience. By showing the fascinating discoveries in astronomy and space exploration, it both inspires and educates people of all ages about our surroundings – the Earth itself and our place in the Universe.

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Planetarium on the Go

Director Planetarian
Planetarian Media artist External consultant

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Address: Prematis 1
Postal code: 45332
City: Ioannina
Country: Greece
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 39.66095965
Longitude: 20.84856257
Phone: +302651035333