Damian Force Dome Show

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Damian Force Dome Show is a 45 minutes musical visual immersive show of full-dome format created and owned by Dome Show Entertainment B.V.

About me

The key idea of the Damian Force Dome Show 360 is a journey through the human senses and thoughts. Each organ is a new emotional scene revealing the deep, reflected in the graphic world of music passing through every person. The dome modification is a harmonious combination of stage performances: MC, costumed dancers or vocalists - and an immersive show under the dome, written by Damian Force and his international team of graphic designers. The full dome modification of Damian Force Dome Show 360 is a complete immersion in the world of virtual reality without 3D glasses, an immersive show, to participate in which, you just need to walk into the dome. The unique series of video clips created especially for the show, as well as the exclusive music material from Damian Force, combined with costumed performances create an unforgettable and recognizable atmosphere of Damian Force Dome Show 360.

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