David Alejandro Toro Gonzalez

Itagüí, Colombia

My name is David Alejandro Toro, I am an electronic engineer but my working life has been working in Planetary controllers.

About me

I'm David Alejandro Toro, I worked for 10 years in the Parque Explora. I was technician of 3d rooms for 5 years, the other 5 years I was a planetarium technician and producer of scientific contents for digital planetariums. I collaborated in the production of shows like: Pink Floyd "Dark side of the Moon" (Musical Show), Helios (Documentary Show) and Borders (Documentary Show). Now I am a director and producer of independent dome cinema applying dome production methods for 3d, 4d and VR content. I'm on the way to transforming the dome cinema trying to adapt low budgets and to get good products, I'm also looking to unite talents to transform animation in Colombia. And I add that I am a participant in a methodology called the "MULTIFORMATO".

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