Jesús Pérez Irigoyen

Mexico City, Mexico

I am a Content Producer & Audiovisual Developer focused in cultural promotion & storytelling. With 13 years of experience collaborating on new media projects.

About me

I am a Content Producer & Audiovisual Developer from Mexico city focused in branding and storytelling. With 13 years of experience I am always looking to collaborate on creative projects for film, television and new media. I have leaded teams in the development of video mapping shows, original 360 animation short films and video documentaries production. My tools of choice are Cinema 4D and After Effects. My portfolio includes collaboration with international brands including: Air France, Adobe, Google. My experience includes commisiones work for broadcast channels and big avertising companies. I have coordinated projects for Government offices, museums and art festivals. My short films has been awarded and screened at international animation festivals. Creator of Cosmonaute 360 animated series for planetariums. Founder of Dessignare Media, network specialized in Multimedia Art, Design and Animation that is actively developing partnerships with digital art schools, animation studios, new media festivals and international creative companies.

My Organizations

img logo fulldome organization Dessignare Studio
Dessignare Studio
Based in
Mexico, Mexico
Fulldome Producer

My Shows

img poster fulldome show cosmonaute-360-episode-01
Cosmonaute 360 – Episode 01
img poster fulldome show Tree of Life - Music Show
Tree of Life – Music Show

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