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San Francisco, USA

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Michael Joshua Roberts has caused a lot of undue confusion with his name, so he goes by M. Josh Roberts. Josh is part of the planetarium content creation team for the California Academy of Sciences and has developed live content for venues across the museum and beyond. He has been doing amateur astronomy for half his life and got his degree in astronomy from San Francisco State University (Go Gators!). Between the SFSU observatory and Leuschner observatory in the Berkeley hills, Josh has experienced both the operational/maintenance side of running an observatory as well as assisting students and the public with making observations and learning about what they see. Youth education and inspiration is one of his major foci, so the ongoing development of portable planetarium curriculum and youth astronomy programs has been a high priority. Through Project ASTRO, Astronomy From the Ground Up, Superhero Physics, and MySky programs he is trying to learn new ways of sharing his passion for science through astronomy and humor. One of Josh’s life goals is trying to amass an omnibus of the worst jokes in astronomy and you can help! (tinyurl.com/astrojokes) Non-astronomical hobbies include home-brewing, games of the tabletop variety and historical societies.

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