Image of Planetario de Montevideo

Planetario de Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay

Planetario de Montevideo is a Digital planetarium with a 18.3m dome and 157 seats, hitting 150.000 visitors per year on average.

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Theatre details

Technical information
Planetarium type
Planetarium family: RSA Cosmos
Technology: Digital
Dome & Seating
Dome size (m): 18.3
Dome tilt (°): 0
Number of seats: 157
Projection system
Closest dome resolution: 6K
Stereo 3D: Not available

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Planetario de Montevideo

Contact details

Address: Avenida Gral. Rivera 3275
Postal code: 11600 - Montevideo
City: Montevideo
Country: Uruguay
Continent: South America
Latitude: -34.90186000
Longitude: -56.14457000