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Brno, Czech Republic

IMERSA Day is a one-day mini-conference preceding the Fulldome Festival Brno 2019.


In order to understand what is the IMERSA day about, you must first know what the IMERSA is. To make it short, it is a non-profit business league whose roots are deeply embedded in the rise of the digital planetarium. IMERSA fosters the growing interest in digital fulldome cinema, immersive entertainment, performance art and virtual experiences through its Summits and activities.

And this is where the IMERSA day comes in. It will be a small one day version of the American IMERSA Summit here in Brno. Projections will be held together with interesting talks and discussions between producers and planetarium operators. Because we all have some experience and knowledge we would like to share…

Full program on the FBB website.

Event details

Organizer(s): IMERSA, Brno Observatory and Planetarium
Venue: Brno Observatory and Planetarium
Address: Kraví hora 2
Postal code: 61600
City: Brno
Country: Czech Republic
Continent: Europe

People attending the event