SEPA 2016

Lecture Meeting Workshop


The Southeastern Planetarium Association Conference (SEPA) will be hosted by the W.A. Gayle Planetarium in Montgomery, AL, on May 31-June 4 2016. It has been especially rescheduled to mitigate conflicts encountered by planetarians and vendors who plan on attending the upcoming 24th IPS Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

The following activities are planned to be held throughout the SEPA Conference: workshops, plenary sessions, premier screenings and lectures of inspiring guest speakers. However, the conference agenda is still under development and all participants are welcome to make a contribution to its forming. So far the conference embraces workshops on production, live interactive planetarium presentation and marketing.

The organizing committee is looking for valuable suggestions, comments, input and help to conduct a workshop or put together a round table discussion or present a paper. If any of you have matters they would like to discuss with other planetarians or ideas which would promote planetarium technologies, consider sharing them with SEPA organizers. Over the next month they will post all the details and registration procedure on its website. Be sure to send your ideas and suggestions before that time.

Event details

Organizer(s): Southeastern Planetarium Association
Phone: 334-625-4799
Venue: W.A. Gayle Planetarium
Address: 1010 Forest Avenue 36106 Montgomery Alabama USA
Postal code:
Country: USA
Continent: North America

People attending the event