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Experience Switzerland takes the audience to Switzerland's most amazing locations, including the majestic Rheinfall, the iconic Matterhorn and.....

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Type: Feature show
Genre: Documentary
Release date: September 2022

Produced by: Avocado360
Directed by: Urs Wyss




The film #ExperienceSwitzerland takes the audience to Switzerland’s most impressive locations, including the majestic Rheinfall, the iconic Matterhorn, and the beautiful city of Lucerne, to name a few. The stunning visuals are accompanied by an excellent sound design. The film is a real film with a cinematic view shot with drones, helicopters, and sliders, including stunning timelapse sequences that genuinely capture the essence of the Swiss landscape.

#ExperienceSwitzerland is a breathtaking visual journey that immerses viewers in this picturesque country’s natural wonders and cultural treasures.

The film showcases Switzerland’s diverse regions, from the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps to the serene lakes and rolling hills of the countryside. Viewers are also treated to glimpses of the nation’s rich history and architecture, with shots of medieval castles, charming villages, and modern cities seamlessly woven into the narrative.


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Show details

Shorter version runtime : 27 minutes
Full version runtime: 50 minutes
Suitable for: General audience
Target audience: Adults
License: Traditional license
Resource & materials: Poster

Technical specifications

Video format: Fulldome
Resolution: 8K
Frame rate: 30 fps
Show orientation: Unidirectional
Stereo 3D: None
Production technologies: Live action
Audio format: 7.1
Languages: German

Production & Support

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Director Producer

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