The secret life of red, green and blue

The secret life of red, green and blue is a show for planetariums and digital dome theatres. Info, trailer & full preview available.

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Genre: Documentary
Release date: November -0001

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These movies show one interpretation of what the colors red, green and blue might secretly desire to experience if they could.

Illustrating with red. Red is red. It is always red. It’s reddness is its entire identity. So, if red was a thinking entity what might its desires be with respect to its forever being red. It might try experiencing other colors and textures by interacting first with itself. This interaction produces colors and hues not normally within its reddness. It might indulge in mixing with itself and all variations resulting from the mixing. Each step results in more colors and new textures. After repeating this process many times, complexity of texture increases and structure begins forming. These structures or forms are inbued with a spectrum of colors not present in the beginning red. These colors are created through the interaction of red with itelf in a complementary process processing first complements to the red then complements to the new colors from the previous interactions. Slowly, the movie returns to the original red and the fantasy becomes only a memory.

Green and blue follow a similar path and their fantasy worlds spin out the secret desires of green and blue. Each movie is different yet basically the same process of living out at least for a time the Secret desires of the three colors.


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