Treasures of the Universe

This fulldome show lifts the veil on the mysterious clouds in the night sky and reveals some of the beauty and wonder of the Universe.

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Type: Feature show
Genre: Documentary
Release date: July 2014

Produced by: 360Art
Directed by:




Since ancient times people have observed distant faint clouds in the night sky.

The invention of the telescope leads to the discovery and naming of many more of these nebulae in the 17th and 18th centuries. Later still it was shown that many nebulae were actually distant galaxies. Now thanks to advanced instruments such as the Hubble Space Telescope we can see these distant treasures in great detail.

This film lifts the veil on these mysterious clouds and reveals some of the beauty and wonder of the Universe.

‘Treasures of the Universe’ is a fulldome show for planetariums digital dome theatres.


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Show details

Shorter version runtime : not available
Full version runtime: 22 minutes
Suitable for: General audience
Target audience: 6 - 13, 14 - 18, Adults
License: Traditional license, Pay per view
Resource & materials: Poster

Technical specifications

Video format: Fulldome
Resolution: 4K
Frame rate: 30 fps
Show orientation: Unidirectional
Stereo 3D: None
Production technologies: CG
Audio format: Stereo, 5.1
Languages: English, Russian

Production & Support

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