New Zealand
October 23, 2019

A Trio of Award Winners in One Collection - HOW IT WAS TOLD TO ME

Recent awards from Germany and Russia add to the international accolades collected by the three theatrical short animations in this unique collection. Each individual film has now earned critical acclaim from prestigious fulldome film festivals.

This year the final instalment ‘The Great Waka’ has just been awarded an Extra Janus Award at the Fulldome Film Festival in Germany, also impressing viewers at the Reflections of the Universe festival in Russia, winning the Short-Film Audience Award. 

These recent achievements add to the accolades already attached to this trilogy.  In 2016 ‘Rona and the Moon’ won Best Short film at the Fiske Fulldome Film Festival in Colorado, USA and in 2014 ‘The Creation Story’ won Best Short Film at the Digistar User Group Conference in Hamburg, Germany. 

How It Was Told To Me: Māori Legends from New Zealand” is being praised for its high-end, creative and compelling retelling of three traditional stories from different iwi (tribes) of Aotearoa (New Zealand) following the universal themes of the creation of life, the moon and the milky way. This engaging story-driven collection makes for a flexible addition to any dome programme. Each short story can stand-alone to complement screening sessions or be presented back-to-back as a trilogy. 

Created by OHU Domes, featuring recordings of traditional Māori instruments by Dr Richard Nunns, narration by Te Kohe Tuhaka, TāneaHeke, and Rangimoana Taylor, with sound design and compositions by Dylan Storey.

Now available for licensing to all fulldome theatres. 

Request a quote and learn more about the shows by visiting our distributor' show page.

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