Call for Submissions: Jena Fulldome Festival 2020

This is a call for submissions for the 14th Jena Fulldome Festival.

Important deadlines at a glace

  • Full Feature film applications until Feb 7. 2020
  • Short-Film applications until March 6. 2020
  • Student-Film applications until April 3. 2020

How to participate in the 14th Jena FullDome Festival 2020

Producers may apply in the categories of:

  • Full-length feature shows
  • Short films
  • Student films
  • Addition to the fulldome film program, artists, innovators, experts and visionaries in the growing field of immersive media may apply to present in the “Frameless Forum” program.


  • Full-length feature shows: Application / Preview Upload until Feb. 7. Upload of previews to be completed by Feb. 7. 08:00 a.m. CET. Decision of Acceptance until March 27. Upload of accepted full feature shows to be completed by April 3., 08:00 a.m. CET.
  • Short films (max. 15 min): Application / Preview Upload until March 6. Upload of show previews to be completed by March 6. 08:00 a.m. CET. Decision of Acceptance until March 27. Upload of accepted short films to be completed by April 3., 08:00 a.m. CET
  • Student films (max. 5 min): Application and Upload of final show to be completed by April 3. 08:00 a.m. CET. Decision of acceptance until April 17.
  • Premiere shows in all categories are privileged for screening.
  • Early sign-up in all categories is much appreciated!
  • The FullDome Festival curator team decides which shows will be accepted for screening in the festival, and which will be nominated for a JANUS-Award.
  • An international expert jury decides which films will receive a JANUS-Award.

"Frameless Forum" Presentations 2020

Make a statement and leave an impression at the Frameless Forum! We invite short, colourful presentations to introduce your fulldome and 360-degree project, cooperations, standards, updates, technologies, ideas, experiences, announcements, innovations and revelations.

Themes to be presented in the Frameless Forum range from immersive media experiments, VR/AR innovations, work-in-progress projects, Planetarium tech talks, realtime applications, sound, art, real film and animation, dramaturgy and narration, university and professional trends, challenges and opportunities, making-of sessions, hands-on tutorials, far out visions, game-changer projects, how-to-get-rich-withfulldome-schemes, etc.

  • Submissions for Frameless Forum presentations until March 27.
  • Decision of Acceptance until April 17.
  • The Frameless Forum takes place in the seminar room of the Jena Planetarium. Get in touch early about technical parameter e.g. HDMI, WIFI, USB or other.

Download the full submission guidelines from the Fulldome Festival website.

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