Eclipse Time

Greetings Planetarians!

It’s Eclipse time again! There will be a total Lunar Eclipse on the evening of January 20. This is a great time to educate the public on what eclipses are and how to view them.

We’d also like to remind you about our show—Eclipses and Phases of the Moon—written to support NGSS curriculum standards and most importantly: to be a fun, educational fulldome show about the science and culture surrounding eclipses moon phases! Drop by Physics Foundry for more information about the show and options for screening it in your theater: Daily, Monthly, and Yearly licensing is available!

Show Information

  • Trailer & Full preview are available here.
  • Run Time: 20 minutes.
  • Max Resolution: 4k Install / 2k Streaming
  • Max Frame Rate: 60fps
  • Target Audience: Students Age 8+ and General Audiences.
  • Two versions for use before and after the 2017 Eclipse.
  • Daily and monthly streaming options for single projector theaters up to 2k.
  • Monthly and yearly licensing for all theaters up to 4k.

Next Generation Science Standards

Eclipses and Phases of the Moon supports the following NGSS topics:

  • Phases of the Moon
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • Moon Lit by Reflected Sunlight
  • Moon's Rotational Period and Orbit
  • Scale/Orientation of Earth-Moon System
  • Composition of the Lunar Surface
  • Shape of the Solar System

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