Czech Republic
March 15, 2022

Fulldome Festival Brno 2022 - Shows and Tickets

Would you believe that we received 54 submissions this year? That is about twice the amount we originally expected. And it makes us happy to learn that so many new shows are being made even in these crazy times. Although, it also makes it difficult to pick the shows for the festival. It took us a few days, but here they are. We present you the 36 shows selected for the Fulldome Festival Brno 2022!

But there is actually more news...

The tickets to the festival are now available! You can get them at the festival website for the early bird price of 50€ until the end of April. So no waiting, no hesitating… Take your chance now! Where else would you want to enjoy the newest shows on the market?

And now, ladies and gentleman, the selected shows:

321 Liftoff!
    By Martin Jůza
A to Z Astronomy!
    By Terry Spears
Atlas of a Changing Earth
    By Thomas Lucas Productions, Cosm Studios, Advanced Visualization Lab at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Audio Universe – Tour of the Solar System
    By Chris Harrison, Theofanis Matsopoulos
Dinosaurs – A story of survival (Priemere)
    By Render Area
GranPa & Zoe – Mission: Light (3D)
    By Mediastro Promotion – 3D Emotion
    By Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co., Ltd.
Happy Birthday (Premiere)
    By Lauri Hynninen
In the land of the flabby schnook (3D)
    By Francis Gélinas
Interstellar Postcards (Premiere)
    By Cité des sciences et de l’industrie
Journey to the binary stars with AIDA (Premiere)
    By Tomáš Gráf
Kitz the Cat’s Supermoon adventure – Long version (Out of Competition)
    By Kwon O Chul, Cho Hea Seung
Legend of the Enchanted Reef
    By Softmachine Immersive Productions
Legends of the Starry Realm (Premiere)
    By Iryna Filipova
LEO – Far from the Sun
    By Eugenia Lenda, Kira Makohon
Living Worlds
    By Cheryl Vanderbilt
Magic Globe – A Story of the Seasons (3D)
    By Creative Planet
Moonbase (Premiere)
    By Emma Kolasinska
New World
    By Natalia Oliwiak
Oasis in Space (Premiere)
    By Cosm Studios
One Sky (Premiere)
    By Sebastien Gauthier 360 Productions
Preserving Our Precious Planet
    By Natural History Museum of Plovdiv, ESA, T. Matsopoulos
Quebrada de Chulacao (Premiere)
    By Cheryl Vanderbilt
Space Oases (3D, Premiere)
    By Brno Observatory and Planetarium
Star Dreaming
    By Julia Redwood, Jules Fortune
Stargazers of Africa
    By Terry Spears
Starmap To The Unseen Universe (Premiere)
    By Ohmi Iiyama
The Christmas Star
    By Ball State University
The Space Colony – A New Earth for Humanity
    By Kato Osamu
The Star of Bethlehem
    By Planetum
Tycho Goes to Mars
    By Melbourne Planetarium
Unveiling the invisible Universe
    By AHEAD 2020, T. Matsopoulos
Variable Star Shorts
    By Ball State University
VAST 3D – A Cosmic Journey Through Space and Time (3D)
    By Visualization Center C
Worlds of Ice (Premiere)
    By René Chénier, André Picard (NFB)


See you all in Brno!

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