Czech Republic
March 20, 2024

Fulldome Festival Brno 2024 - Shows and tickets

There are two great news from the Fulldome Festival Brno 2024.

The list of shows selected to be screened at the festival is now official and can be seen at the festival website. An incredible number of 73 submissions was received – the highest ever. And that makes it even harder to select the shows that will be screened at the festival, because we are limited by the screen time available in 3 days. But we took the time and selected 38 shows you can look forward to.

Moreover, the tickets to the festival are now available for purchase! You can get them for the early bird price of 100€ until the end of April. So no waiting, no hesitating… Take your chance now! Where else would you want to enjoy the newest shows on the market? Hurry up, previous year of the festival sold out the tickets in a single month!

Get your ticket now


  • 3 days packed with fulldome shows
  • Welcome party (Monday evening)
  • An open buffet (lunch, afternoon snack, dinner) for three days
  • Gala evening (program including dinner)

Head over to the festival website and get your chance to meet all your friends and colleagues from the fulldome world under one dome.

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