Mobile Planetarium in Special Educational Needs Provision = Unbeatable experience for all learners

There is no doubt that a visit from Mobile Planetarium is an excellent way of enriching the curriculum. The immersive shows help to bring many topics to life from science to math, English and art - the opportunities for fun activities based on a planetarium visit are endless. However, while delivering our shows over the past four years across the UK, here at the Wonderdome mobile planetarium, we have noticed that a mobile space dome is one of the best activities that can be brought into the special needs schools. Mobile Planetarium in Special Educational Needs Provision = Unbeatable experience for all learners There are only a handful of activities that can feel as magical, and yet that can cater for a varies of learners with multiple varieties of needs as the planetarium. Here are just a few benefits of a mobile planetarium:
  • Firstly, the mobile space dome is very wheelchair friendly. It is effortless to take the wheelchair in and out of the dome, and a typical 6-meter dome can fit up to 5 small and 4 large wheelchairs.
  • Secondly, the content of the presenter-led space shows can be adjusted to every level of the provision. From the arrangement of purely sensory experience to high-level interaction and engagement facilitated by experienced presenters.
  • Thirdly, what to expect, the level of noise and colours can be discussed in advance and adjusted to the individual demands of each visitor. This is a particularly important aspect when working with autistic learners. We would suggest developing 'visitor manual' to send in advance of your visit.
  • Lastly, while there is no need to leave your school building and endure painful journeys, the learners will feel that they have been to the edge of the galaxy and back due to what we call a 'dome effect'. The feeling of complete remoteness from the physical place when being inside the planetarium.
Mobile planetariums, along with fixed ones, can be of great help in science outreach and communication.

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