Nominations at 2024 Jena Fulldome Festival

Here is the list of the nominated fulldome shows for a JANUS-Award in the 2024 Jena FullDome Festival competition, decided by the jury.

● 100 Years of Eternity. Tobias Wiethoff, Felix Deufel. Germany
● The Voyage of Arka Kinari. Janire Najera, 4Pi Productions. UK
● I Spread. Alejandra Rios Ruiz. Mexico
● Pax Rata Fiat. MASSO, 1V4N. Spain
● Secrets from a Forest. Jim Brandenburg. USA
● Dialogue in Silence. Chih-Jung Hsu, Chia-Yi Shi. Taiwan
● Bad Trip. Emese Pálovics, Bianca Faddi. USA
● Recoding Entropia. François Vautier. France
● Links-Rechts. Benedikt Pfisterer. Austria
● Niyah and the Multiverse. Adler Planetarium. USA
● Spark: The Universe in Us. Ryan Wyatt, Matt Blackwell. USA
● Chemistry of Life. Anna Öst, Drew Berry. Sweden
● Dark Biosphere. Javier Bollain. Spain
● I Saw The Future.François Vautier. France
● Total Eclipse: Chasers of the Lost Sleep. François Guinaudeau, Sébastien Samyn. Canada
● Into the Microverse - Journey Through the Amazing World of Microbes. Raúl Erdossy, Hendrik Huthoff, Universität Jena, Germany
● Inwardness - Sulfation. Nemati Meisam, Schokufar Farshad. Canada / Germany

The award winners will be announced at the IPS conference, July 19. You can watch the Zeiss-Planetarium Nomination Gala on the video below.

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