The Incredible Universe — The Incredible Offer

Enjoy the wonders of the Incredible Universe every day! Did you like our show the Incredible Sun?  If you did, we would like to offer you another show — the Incredible Universe. What is the Incredible Universe about? Well, it’s hard with space. It has always been here with us, but still we know very little about it. The thing is space exploration is not simple at all. If you ask astronomers what in fact space is like, you learn nothing but scary things. For example that it’s so freezing and completely dark in space that you—Laika will forgive us—wouldn’t send a dog out. Or that space is so huge and maybe infinite that we don’t know which end to start the research from. Astronomer‘s daily, actually nightly, bread is simply rather hard. And what’s more, every while they discover something that looks absolutely incredible. Sometimes so much that it even surpasses the craziest sci-fi movies. But this is exactly what our space is like—incredible! Incredible Universe – a caption from the show The show Incredible Universe consists of several chapters:
  • Planet Earth
  • Planet Saturn
  • Planet Neptune
  • Nebulae
  • Stars
  • Our Galaxy
The show is 24 minutes long and suitable for adults, schools, and children +6 year. We offer it in 4k format, 5.1 English audio and unidirectional. And a million dollar question! How can you get the Incredible Universe? We offer an unlimited license of an English version of the show for your planetarium for
  • a single fixed fee of EUR 300 for fixed planetariums
  • a single fixed fee of EUR 200 for mobile planetariums
If you are interested in our show, just pay the fee by your PayPal account or a credit card. Enjoy the wonders of the Incredible Universe every day! On demand, we will also issue an invoice for bank transfer. After successful payment, you will be redirected to the download page. If you want us to send an HDD with a show or have any questions, please contact us on Please visit the official website and enjoy the wonders of the Incredible Universe every day!

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