"The Journey" launches Kickstarter Campaign

The Journey is an 11-minute fulldome short film that takes audiences on a journey of light, sound and enchantment as we travel through fantastical worlds. The show uses the transformative power of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, ethereal vocals, gorgeous fulldome visuals and inspiring poetic narrative to evoke positive emotions and contemplative states of consciousness. The Journey follows the metaphoric experience of life from formlessness into form and then back into formlessness once again.

The Journey won Dome Fest West’s 2021 Audience Choice Award and was selected for screening at SAT FEST 2022, the Jena FullDome Fest 2022, SAT Fest 2022, IMERSA 2022, the Byron Bay Film Fest 2022 and the Dome Under Festival 2023.

Unlike Vortex's larger funded productions, The Journey is a passion project that explores the power of immersive media to open hearts and minds through the power of awe. The project is led by producers Ed Lantz and Kate McCallum, with music by Michael and Jahna and animation by Brianna Amore.

Our team is seeking to expand the film to a full 1-hour experience! We've launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to launch the production. Participate in the project and receive rewards here: https://bit.ly/thejourney-360




Michael & Jahna, Writers, Producers, and Music Production

Internationally renowned music and sound healing practitioners,  Michael and Jahna spread wellbeing, awe and inspirational states through using a transformational blend of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, mindfulness, guitar and etherial vocal toning. 

Jahna, a UCLA certified mindfulness coach and professional singer with Michael, an award winning Sound Director and Master Tibetan Singing Bowl artist, together have facilitated music experiences across the globe, from Paris to Greece to Northern and Southern California.  Recently their 360 immersive music and visuals film, The Journey, was awarded The Audience Choice Award at DomeFestWest  2021.


Brianna Amore, Director and Lead CG Animator

Fulldome digital artist Brianna Amore began working with domes when she was an event producer and DJ in Canada working in the West Coast underground electronic music festival scene. Having been trained in Visual Communications at Alberta University of the Arts in Canada, she had a brief career as an Environmental Graphic Designer working on international projects before moving to California in order to pursue her ambition to become a 3D animator. 

Through her experience with the underground dance scene, Brianna discovered the power of immersive experiences and soon landed in LA to work with Vortex Immersion Media. There she helped create fulldome content and immersive experiences for A-list companies such as NBC/Universal, Disney, AT&T, and Nickelodeon. She also began working with top artists and she was heavily involved in the production of James Hood's Mesmerica. 


Ed Lantz, Executive Producer

Ed Lantz is an entrepreneur, entertainment technology engineer, producer and immersive experience designer. Ed left aerospace
engineering in 1990 to transform old-style planetariums into immersive visualization environments, designing over a dozen dome theaters worldwide including the Library of Alexandria’s Planetarium in Egypt, Domodigital at Papalote Museo del Niño in Mexico City, and the National Space Centre planetarium in Leicester, UK. His company Vortex Immersion Media produces both real and virtual immersive experiences for Fortune 500 brands, top artists and audiences worldwide and is developing a network of immersive entertainment venues.


Kate McCallum, Executive Producer and Creative Director

Kate McCallum, is a forward-thinking producer, writer, and digital arts and media strategist with an emphasis in IP development, transmedia and new media technology platforms. Kate is a member of the TV Academy and the PGA: Producers Guild of America where she served as a Board Delegate for two three-year terms on the PGA New Media Council, three years on the PGA National Board, was awarded the 2019 Marc A. Levey Award for exceptional service to the PGA, and also helped to launch the PGA Social Impact Entertainment Task Force. Kate is also a member of the WFSF: World Future Studies Federation, and serves on the Advisory Board of The Studio School in Los Angeles.

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