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De La Rubi Producciones

ITAGUÍ, Colombia
Fulldome Producer

We are a company specialized in creating content for domes, offering services from video production to musical composition.


We are a company specialized in the creation of content for domes, offering services that range from video production to the composition of custom soundtracks. Our focus is not just limited to dome production, we also provide music production services for high-end emerging artists. With an experienced and creative team, we are dedicated to offering quality audiovisual and music solutions that meet the needs of our clients in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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De La Rubi Producciones

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Address: Car 53 n 73 sur 101
Postal code: Juan
Country: Colombia
Continent: South America
Latitude: 6.16829150
Longitude: -75.61879560
Phone: 3002425816