Genre: Animation
Rating: 5 out of 5 1
Reviews: 1
Produced by:
Directed by:
Release date: June 2015
Type: Short
Plot keywords: abstract arts

Tribocycle is a fulldome clip produced by Ben Ridgway, Professor at San Francisco State University.

An infinite design. A moment in time. A moving meditation.


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Details and Specs

Long version runtime: 1 min
Suitable for: general audience
Target audience: 14 - 18, adults
Resource & materials:
License: short-term license, traditional license
Official site:
Video format:
Resolution: 2K, 4K
Frame rate: 30 fps
Audio format: stereo
Stereo 3D: none
Production technologies: CG
Available languages: No Narration
Show orientation: unidirectional

Production and Support

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Community Reviews

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British Fulldome Institute
British Fulldome Institute
Published on Nov. 22nd 2016

5 out of 5
A Superb Piece

If at any time you would like to make it available free to the fulldome community, we currently have 50 digital dome partners keen to screen “Tribocycle” to their audiences.


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