Mark Slater

Tokyo, Japan

British composer, born 1969.

About me

Composer, born in England, 1969. Studied Engineering Acoustics & Vibration at Southampton University. Graduate in Law and Music. Composed music for the documentary 400 Years of the Telescope and the full-dome show Two Small Pieces of Glass. Music composer for Mirage 3D, Natural Selection, Dinosaurs at Dusk. E&S Edge of Darkness. UNC Solar System Odyssey. BTS Media Life Under the Arctic Skies. Hamburg Planetarium's Planet Earth climate show. Music composer for several award winning animated shorts. Other credits include feature length animation Flatland, and live action dramatic films and documentaries.

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My Shows

Natural Selection
Solar System Odyssey
Dinosaurs at Dusk
Life Under The Arctic Sky 3D
Two Small Pieces of Glass – The Amazing Telescope
The Green Planet – 3D

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