Sascha Kriegel

Hamburg, Germany

After starting in dome business at the Mediendom Kiel, Germany and working in Wolfsburg I´m now the head of content & technology at the Planetarium Hamburg.

About me

Started playing with game consoles in 1979 (Atari VCS2600) and using computers since 1983 (Atari 800 XL) I somehow ended up in the Planetarium business, where I like to explore new technologies and finding solutions to visualize the great ideas of my boss. I call myself a generalist with a focus on Digistar scripting and graphics visualization.

My Organizations

Planetarium Hamburg
Based in
Hamburg, Germany
Fulldome Distributor, Dome Theatre, Fulldome Producer

My Shows

Events I’ve been at

GDP 2019
Kiel, Germany
Event date
May 04-06, 2019

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