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Expanding the Dome with Live Performances

Denver, Germany

Explore the potential of bringing live performances to the dome. The program will showcase examples that have evolved from experiment to success.


Join us for this virtual discussion about live events in the dome. Free for IMERSA members and $20 for registration at eventbrite.

We will begin at 10:00 am Mountain time and wrap up at Noon.

Presenting pre-produced shows in the planetarium is the cornerstone of the industry, but the dome offers so much more. There is a reason why planetariums are often referred to as fulldome theaters: they can indeed be venues for theatre or music shows, classical or modern, they may house interactive events of media art that defy current genres. If done right, such shows will attract new audiences while inspiring artists to engage in the use of immersive 360-degree technologies which are unique to the dome venue.

Our hosts are talking to experts who present what has been done in this pioneering field and where the trend will lead us in the future. Domes — with their unique shape, architecture, and seating — create many opportunities for open-minded stage designers, producers, directors, and performers, be they musicians, dancers, actors, acrobats, or interactive technologists. Certainly, performances of the immersive kind are here to stay.

As tempting as this may sound, the sheer size of the dome’s canvas, the constraints of the planetarium operators, and the habits of the audience create significant challenges which our experts will discuss. Expanding the Dome with Live Performances aims at creating unified experiences of sound, visuals, and acting in a way that is more powerful than what is usually experienced in regular venues for live concerts. When the audience is not only surrounded by projections, but also with action, things look quite different. Vive la difference!

Matt Wright
Liese Endler
Ed Lantz
Alicia Sometimes
James Hood
Janire Nájera

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Organizer(s): IMERSA
Venue: Zoom virtual event
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