Sergey Prokofyev

Berlin, Germany

Architect . Director . Producer . Architecture and Art | 360° FullDome | Experimental Films for Dome Theatres

About me

Sergey Prokofyev - dipl. ing. architect and creative director of Studio Schwitalla. Currently lives and works in Berlin. Sergey received his Diploma in Architecture in 2007 from the Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine. The main focus of his work is the exploration new ways of architectural communications tools through immersive video. He tries to use a number of cinematic methods of incorporating the temporal dimension into the architectural presentation. Dividing the visual experience into spaces, movements and action, and then reorganizing them in a sequence, which in turn generate different stories.

My Organizations

img logo fulldome organization Studio Schwitalla
Studio Schwitalla
Based in
Berlin, Germany
Fulldome Producer

My Shows

img poster fulldome show Urban Levitation
Urban Levitation
img poster fulldome show vertical-street-city
Vertical Street / City
img poster fulldome show SUPREMATISM. The day before
SUPREMATISM. The day before
img poster fulldome show LABYRINTH

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