Sergey Prokofyev

Berlin, Germany

Architect . Director . Producer . Experimental Architecture | Immersive Media & Communication | 360° FullDome Films

About me

Sergey Prokofyev - dipl. ing. architect and filmmaker. Currently lives and works in Berlin. With extensive experience in both architecture and film-making, Sergey explores unique approaches to immersive storytelling. He specializes in using innovative techniques to create immersive films that push the boundaries of traditional communication tools. Sergey incorporates a range of cinematic methods to bring architectural representations to life, carefully crafting the visual experience to showcase the interplay between space, movement, and action. By synthesizing sound and virtual space with movement, he creates an environment that challenges the limits of human perception, drawing viewers into the content in a truly immersive way. His immersive projects were awarded in different international film festivals. Through collaboration with neuroscientists, he focused on studying the processes associated with the mechanisms of human perception and behavior in the city.

My Organizations

img logo fulldome organization Studio Schwitalla
Studio Schwitalla
Based in
Berlin, Germany
Fulldome Producer

My Shows

img poster fulldome show Urban Levitation
Urban Levitation
img poster fulldome show Urban Mindscape
Urban Mindscape
img poster fulldome show THE INNER ISLAND
img poster fulldome show LABYRINTH
img poster fulldome show SUPREMATISM. The day before
SUPREMATISM. The day before
img poster fulldome show vertical-street-city
Vertical Street / City

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