vincenzo adelini

Naples, Italy

I'm a Guitarist and Composer, known for my works for guitar and soundtracks. I love performing in planetariums so much that I can't find a better place to play!

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Vincenzo Adelini is an Italian guitarist and composer, known for his original works for solo classical guitar and his film soundtracks. He graduated from the Conservatory with top marks and furthered his musical education in various countries around the world. His passion for music led him to experiment with various musical genres and styles, also using electric, acoustic, midi guitars and electronic instruments (such as Theremin and synthesizers). Experimentation is the fuel of his compositional energy. In 2023 he performed in the most important planetariums with his music and his instruments. 3 times at the Planetarium of Naples for 2 replies each time and for the "Milan Music Week" event at the Planetarium of Milan. Every show was sold out. “Light” was released in 2022, an album with 10 original compositions for solo classical guitar, which was successful on Spotify with over 1,700,000 streams in less than 1 year. His activity as a composer also extends to the field of cinema. In 2023 he composed and produced the soundtrack for "Connected", a Docu-Drama released on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. In 2021 he created the soundtrack for the film "Calibro9" (Rai Cinema/Minerva Pictures), winning the award for best original soundtrack at the Apioxiomeno Festival. In 2018 he composed and produced the soundtrack of "Nessuno è Innocent", with Salvatore Esposito (Gomorra). The film directed by Toni D'Angelo was presented at the Venice International Film Festival and won the award for best soundtrack at the LGCG Festival. Vincenzo Adelini currently lives in Italy but works all over the world as Senior Lecturer at the “Prodigio School of Music” (Canada) and music producer for “Myths & Legends Entertainment” (Seoul) and Bip Consulting (London/Milan).

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