1st Russian Fulldome Festival

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Fulldome festival


First in Russia, fulldome festival “Reflections of the Universe” will take plase in Valentina Tereshkova Cultural and Educational Center in Yaroslavl, Russia. The first international festival of planetarium fulldome shows in Russia is arranged to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Carl Zeiss’ «Model 1». The Festival will surely give an impulse to emerging of contemporary studios producing educational and popular science media products for Russian planetariums. Today fulldome festivals are hold all over the world. Russia is about to host such a forum for the first time. It will broaden the planetariums province by opening new opportunities of science popularization and attract the attention of all groups of visitors, including young people, to the innovation activity in space and astronomical research. “Reflections of the Universe” – the international festival of planetarium fulldome shows that was produced in Russia, CIS, and other foreign countries is planned to be hold annually with support of Russian Planetarium Association, International Planetarium Society and other Russian and foreign organizations. It is remarkable that 2013 is a significant year for Russia and the whole world because it is the 50th anniversary from the space flight of Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. Purpose of the festival: Demonstration of fulldome technologies as a powerful instrument for popularization of natural sciences and development of educational and innovative activity in culture and arts. Goals of the festival:

  • To show the potential of the planetariums, with digital fulldome equipment;
  • To encourage the expansion of the planetariums scope of activity;
  • To initiate production of new fulldome content.

Participation entry submissions:

  • Festival attendee entry form should be submitted till September 30, 2013;
  • Submission of papers and presentation materials (duration less then 20 mins) – till August 30, 2013
  • Submission of papers, panels and presentation materials (Duration more then 20 mins) – till July 20, 2013

Categories of fulldome materials for demonstration at the festival:

  • Fulldome shows (duration: 20 – 45 min);
  • Fulldome shortcuts, clips, exceptions (duration: 5 – 15 min);
  • Planetarium live presentations with pre-rendered fulldome animations and clips (duration: 20 – 45 min);
  • Planetarium live presentation with real-time fulldome visualization (duration: 20 – 45 min);
  • Fulldome music show (duration: 5 – 15 min);

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