Burning Man Fulldome Experience

Fulldome festival Live Event Meeting


Get immersed in the Fulldome Experience

Come join us for an exciting fulldome program in our 13m geodome, it comes fully equipped with a 360 projection system that is fully enabled to trigger mind-bending vortex travel, possibly.

We are located at 8 Florin in the Eastern Lights camp.

Here are just some of the incredible immersive experiences we have lined up:

– Ben Ridgway – “Cosmic Flower Unfolding” & “Tribocyle”

– François Wunschel, 1024 Architecture

– VOID – “Bio-Inspire”

– Sean Caruso – “Multiverse” and “Cernunnos”

– Julius Horsthuis – “Illusions” and “The Cryogenic”

– Francois Moncarey, Mysquare.

– Jeremie Bellot & Mathieu Mary – “Synergetics”

– Mike Latona – “Quardatic”

– Jason Fletcher – “Waiting Far Away”

– Diana Reichenbach – “Infinite Horizons”

– Bertie Sampson & Trespur – “_Void”

– Eric Hanson – “Carbon-X” and “Crossing Worlds”

More TBC!

Event details

Organizer(s): Immesive Multimedia Experiences
Phone: 0044 7504260396
Venue: I.M.E Fulldome in the Eastern Lights camp
Address: Black Rock City, 8 00 Florin, NV, United States
Postal code:
Country: USA
Continent: North America

People attending the event