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Join the IMERSA Summit 2018 at COSI in Columbus, OH for the annual summit that brings together immersive digital media professionals.


Join us at the center of science and industry (COSI) in Columbus, OH for our annual international summit that brings together professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences in the fulldome, themed entertainment, planetarium, giant screen and VR communities.

The 2018 IMERSA Summit celebrates our tenth year of world-wide conversations. Participants in converging business and production sectors meet to shape the future of fulldome and immersive experiences.

IMERSA Inc. is a non-profit business league whose roots are deeply embedded in the rise of the digital planetarium (fulldome). Incorporated in 2008 our founding sponsors initiated ongoing research and development programs in search of standards and guidelines for fulldome production and technologies. To build our community and inspire meaningful conversation among fulldome and immersive professionals IMERSA host’s an annual international Summit for leaders interested in all facets of immersive experience including; digital fulldome cinema, immersive entertainment, interactive performance arts, and other innovative experiential content.
IMERSA embraces many forms of digital immersion, including Planetariums, Giant Screen Cinema, VR headsets and spherical environments. We encourage our members to develop experiential programming from many fields of scientific research, from nanotechnology to neuroscience and astrophysics.

IMERSA raises the profile of group immersive experiences and represents its members at a number of international events. In addition to facilitating the development of fulldome standards, our leadership team fosters professional development, aggregation of business metrics, and the dissemination of “white paper” reports on best practices and techniques.

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Organizer(s): IMERSA
Venue: COSI
Address: 333 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215, Stati Uniti
Postal code:
Country: USA
Continent: North America

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