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Atlas of a Changing Earth

The effects of global climate change are being felt across the globe. Planet-mapping satellites show us what is happening now - and what is still to come!

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Type: Feature show
Genre: Documentary
Release date: October 2021

Produced by: Spitz Creative Media
Directed by:



Official Selection
IEEE VIS Satellite event
Best Environmental Film
Dome Fest West
Official Selection
Minsk International Fulldome Festival


This is the story of how a revolution in one of the most basic of all human enterprises – the making of maps – is shedding new light on our planet’s evolution in the wake of rising global temperatures. It builds on the success of two award-winning Earth science films distributed by Spitz, Inc and ES (Cosm companies): “Dynamic Earth: Exploring Earth’s Climate Engine” (2012) and “Birth of Planet Earth” (2019).

Using stunning, latest-generation imagery from space, “Atlas of a Changing Earth” takes viewers into the dynamic processes causing coastal glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica to melt, and explores how rising seas could threaten coastlines the world over. These striking new images are produced by the confluence of satellites and supercomputers, revealing Earth in a degree of precise detail scarcely imagined a generation ago.

“Atlas of a Changing Earth” is a collaborative media project to be released as a 24-minute fulldome film for planetariums, museums and science centers, and as a 1-hour 4k flat screen film for television and streaming distribution worldwide. It is a co-production of the Advanced Visualization Lab at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications/University of Illinois, Spitz Creative Media, NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, and documentary producer Thomas Lucas. Principal collaborators include Ohio State’s Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, University of Minnesota’s Polar Geospatial Center, the University of Illinois Blue Waters Project, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and the National Science Foundation. Available Fall 2021


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Show details

Shorter version runtime : not available
Full version runtime: 25 minutes
Suitable for: General audience
Target audience: 14 - 18, Adults
License: Traditional license
Resource & materials: Guide for educators, Poster, DVD

Technical specifications

Video format: Fulldome
Resolution: 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K
Frame rate: 30 fps
Show orientation: Unidirectional
Stereo 3D: None
Production technologies: CG, Live action, Still photography, Time-lapse photography
Audio format: Stereo
Languages: English

Production & Support

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