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2018 Fulldome Festival Award Winners

The Jena Fulldome Festival has just ended and the jury, the festival directors and the audience awarded the best 10 fulldome shows out of 73 FullDome Festival contributions eligible for awards:


  • Student Award: "Urban", by Nicolas Gebbe, HfG Offenbach
  • Student Award: "Surroundings", by Barbara Rzádzka, Planetarium Wenus, Zielona Góra, Poland
  • Fulldome Short Film Award: "Liminality", 4Pi Productions, Coreo Cymru, Danceworx, UK
  • Fulldome Audio Award: "Hybris", Carmen Gil Vrolijk & Camilo Giraldo Angel. Universidad de los Andes / La Quinta del Lobo, Colombia
  • Innovative Production Technology Award: split between "Brownian Motion", Benjamin Vedrenne, France and "Skylark", Jerem Oury, France
  • Jury Award: "Is Life a Simulation?", Mohammad Jaradat, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • Astro Award: “Explore”, Creative Planet, Poland
  • Directors Award:
    • “Expedition Reef”, California Academy of Sciences, USA
    • “Star Maker”, Arcus Animation Studios, UK
    • “Dimensions – Once Upon Our Reality”, Rocco Helmchen, Johannes Kraas, Germany
    • “KYMA, Powers of Waves”, National Film Board of Canada in collab. With Montreal Space for Life’s Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, Canada

Honorable Mentions

  • “Horizon: Beyond the Edge of the Visible Universe”
  • “Das Silberne Segel”, Zeiss-Planetarium Bochum
  • “Passport to the Universe”, Americam Museum of Natural History, USA
  • “Bot & Lu: Escape from the Black Hole”, Planetarium of the University of Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • “Faster than Light: The dream of Interstellar Flight”, Spitz Creative Media, Mirage 3D, Thomas Lucas Productions, Inc. USA
  • “Carriberrie” Dominic Allen / Melbourne Planetarium , Australia
  • “The Adventures of Claws and Green”, Victoria Rubinstein, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

FullDome Festival Finalists

Of all student works and short films the FullDome Festival Finalists have been selected by the jury in addition to the JANUS awarded contributions. In alphabetical order by titles.
  • Liu, Yikun, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
for the student work »Atem der Straße«
  • Bianka Hofmann, Alexander Köhn, Mathias Neugebauer, Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen, Germany
for the short film »Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis«
  • Thomas Müller, MPIA/had, Eduard Bopp, MPIA, Hubert Klahr, MPIA, Anton Krieger, Uni Kiel, Sebastian Wolf, Uni Kiel
for the student work »Circumplanetary disk simulation«
  • Joanna Saleta, Tomasz Kisiel, EC1 Łódź Miasto Kultury, Łódź, Poland
for the short film »CyberPolis«
  • Ornelas Ortega Alejandro Alan, Kevin Jahnel, Lea Willeke, Rebecca Wiegand (Aôræ IberÎnæ), Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
for the student work »Deer Stop«
  • Eduard Thomas, Isabelle Beyer, Gerd Hoffmann-Wieck, Mediendom der Fachhochschule Kiel
for the short film »Die Superhelden der Tiefsee«
  • Pia Mozet, Jenny Elisabeth Kleine, Halle, Germany
for the student work »Dreamsymbiosis«
  • Silas Fuchs, Phillip Schwarz, Alexandra Metz, Cora Braun, Marlena Wels, Nico Kuhn Fachhochschule Kiel, Germany
for the student work »Europäische Teichumgebung«
  • Oana Jones, Otago Museum, Dunedin 9016, Otago, New Zealand
for the short film »Far From Frozen«
  • Thaís Mesquita Silveira Cunha, Forat Sami Elalfy, Hamzeh Ahmad Al-Thweib, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
for the student work »Harvest Moon«
  • Adam Streicher, Friedrich Busch, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
for the student work »Hyperthermia«
  • Fides Velten, Karina Schmidlin, Stefanie Seufer, S. Raban Brauner, Aaron Van Dijk, Dorian Behner, Gowryrahm Mohan, Eneko Ezquerro Gómez, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, Germany
for the student work »Lumina«
  • Jakob Wulfert, Ioannis Oriwol, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany 
for the student work »VMP«
Congratulations to all the festival winners!

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