2020 Fulldome Festival Winners

The 2020 edition of the Fulldome Festival has just ended. Here is the list of the festival winners and honourable mentions:

Best Fulldome Short Film

Totalidad, by John Melo (Unipanamericana)
Remember, by Musia Heike Bus (Kur Kommander)

Best Fulldome Feature Film

Piano Under the Stars, by Claudio Recarbarren
Signs of Life, by Dawn Fridrick / Bob Niemack (Griffith Observatory)

Best Fulldome Audio Award

Texografica, by Elena Isabel Laplana and Marina Vila
Last Whispers, by Lena Herzog

Best Joker Award

Mesmerica, James Hood and Michael Saul

Honorable Mentions

Fractal Time, by Julius Horsthuis
Turbulentia, by Charles Fry and Joshua Beahan
Key to Time, by Roderick Coover and Krzystof Wolek
Natures Ratio, by Janire Najera and Matt Wright

Last night's Gala is still online:

This was indeed a very special year for the Festival. The pandemic spread just weeks before the event, forcing communities to social distancing and preventing venues from being open. However, Micky Remann and his team kept leading the sector introducing a new and cleaver solution to convert the Festival into a virtual event to be broadcasted anywhere in the world.

Hats off to the Jena team and congratulations to all the Festival winners!

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