January 2, 2013

360° Vision: Janus 2.0 becomes real?

If you attended the 2012 Fulldome Festival in Jena you probably remember what Janus 2.0 is. If you didn't, yet are a true fulldomer, you have surely dreamed of having eyes in the back of your head, right?

A group of French researchers have developed a camera that enables humans to experience a real-time 360° vision of their surroundings. To do so, the device combines a panoramic image acquisition system (positioned on top of the user’s head) with a Head-Mounted Display.

Here's an abbreviated English-subtitled video:

It's basically a somewhat kooky-looking rig users can wear to provide them with a realtime, wraparound view. Read the full article written by the developers for more information about its technology.

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