August 16, 2013

Aayushi Animation Studio Celebrates 10 Years

August 16th is an auspicious date in the history of Aayushi Animation Studio, founded 10 years ago by Shikhar Bhatnagar and his partner Sanyukta Dusane. With the blessings of Dr. Arvind Bhatnagar – founder director of the Solar Observatory, Udaipur – the team started the journey into the full dome medium in 2003. "Filled with ideas to do something different, we started our Animation Studio in a one room shop. But the wide screen was simply not enough for us. We wanted a bigger canvas to work on. And so, we found the fisheye medium!", says Shikhar Bhatnagar. Since its foundation, Aayushi Animation Studio has been one of the pioneers in the field of full dome animation in India, providing services in various fields of animation for Planetariums & Digital Theatres. "Our first client was Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai. Former director Mr Piyush Pandey entrusted in us and shared his valued experience and knowledge. We made a lot of shows under his guidance and worked with some very intellectual minds of our time. We couldn’t have done it without the enormous support of our clients, friends & distributors all over. We owe our success to you. With lots of hugs and cheers, today we continue our journey to do something more. My humble gratitude and thanks to all the people who believed in us. We hope to receive the same support in the coming years too!" Aayushi Animation Studio offers 4 fulldome shows – 8 Scoops of the Milky Way, Bizarre Moons, Map to the Chocolate Planet, Enigma – as well as a nice variety of fulldome clips. To celebrate their 10-year anniversary they are giving a 10% discount on all of their shows till the year ends.

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