Altair Digital's Fulldome Content Distribution Control and Analytics Tool - Part 1

My name is Alexey Irkov and I decided to start this new year with a series of articles about my vision of how the fulldome world should change in the near future. Today I'll share my view on fulldome content distribution. Approximately half a year ago I wrote about the VR Planetarium franchise I began to sell through my company Altair Digital. So far, 18 cities are reached by the platform: the success of this VR franchise lays both in the new technology – which delivers a good image quality – but also on a different vision of the business and our related control services. Many premium shows are distributed in our catalogue VR planetarium catalogue. The most common question I hear from content producers is “How can we control the sales of our shows?” This is a very important question and we decided to make this process fully automatic and extremely clear to everyone. We developed a new analytics system and call it Fulldome.LIVE. Let me show you how it works. Fulldome.Live - Altair Digital Each VR Planetarium Client has access to an online store where the fulldome shows can be purchased. After one is bought, the transaction will immediately be added to our database. Each content producer will have his own personal account. After logging in, the producers are able to control all transactions in real-time and will be able to monitor date, time, title, license type and price of each purchase. Fulldome Live Statistics - Altair Digital Fulldome.LIVE analytics system currently works in beta mode and is available for VR Planetarium franchises and our content partners. You may test it on our website with the following credentials: Login: demo Pass: demo We wish to make this service perfect and would be pleased to receive your feedback.

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