Domemaster3D Plug-in Goes Multilingual

The Domemaster3D fulldome and VR lens shader project has started a new effort to go multilingual. The Domemaster3D toolset is a popular open source immersive rendering solution that works with Maya, 3DS Max, and Softimage.

The wiki documentation for the Domemaster3D software has recently been improved and it includes new English and Japanese language table of contents pages with categories to make it easier to find specific reference material content. Also 199 pages of wiki material have been translated to Japanese through the kind assistance of Toshiyuki Takahei and ORIHALCON Technologies.

If you are just starting out in fulldome production or getting into the exciting world of LatLong stereo format rendering for VR markets like the Oculus Rift head mounted display, the Domemaster3D wiki has all sorts of useful knowledge and tips to share.

A good place for 3DS Max users to start in the Domemaster3D wiki is with the 3DS Max Domemaster3D install guide that is available in English and Japanese.

Maya users should check out the Maya Domemaster3D Shelf wiki page that is available in English and Japanese to get a quick overview of the tools available. Also the Maya Tips and Tricks page and the Maya DomeAFL_FOV_Stereo page have some excellent information on immersive stereoscopic rendering.

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