"Faster Than Light" - New Fulldome Show from Spitz Creative Media

Spitz Creative Media, Mirage3D and Thomas Lucas Productions, Inc. announced the release of Faster than Light: the Dream of Interstellar Flight, a new, 25-minute documentary created for digital dome cinema (fulldome) exhibition in planetariums, museums and educational institutions. Supported by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Film Office, “Faster Than Light” is now available for general release in all fulldome formats. The trailer and the full-length preview can be watched here.
Faster Than Light - Fulldome Show

A Saturn V rocket is demonstrably faster than the fastest jet, however it requires much more fuel. Credit: Mirage3D.

Faster Than Light” explores the longstanding quest to develop spacecraft with enough power and speed to reach the stars. The film asks: What will it take to reach a newly discovered planet circling our Sun’s nearest neighbour, Proxima Centauri? Based on real science and engineering, “Faster Than Light” takes audiences on a thrilling journey into the future, aboard laser-driven space sails, antimatter engines, and even warp drive - right out of science fiction.
Who can say how far, and how fast, our technology will one day take us?”
Thomas Lucas, Director

Honored at Brno

Brno Fulldome FestivalIn June 2017, "Faster Than Light" received industry acclaim and the Directors Award from the prestigious Fulldome Festival Brno (Czech Republic), where it was seen by some 125 planetarium professionals and competed against more than 40 productions from six different countries. The honour includes a one-year license at the host facility, where it will open in the fall. “I am proud that we are one of the first to present ‘Faster Than Light’” said Jiří Dušek, Director of Brno Observatory and Planetarium and Program Director of Fulldome Festival Brno. He praised the show for “an attractive theme, beautiful animations, and fresh storyline.” Said Dušek, “On the wings of the imagination but still within the limits of scientific correctness, you can set out on a journey across the entire universe. I have no doubt that ‘Faster than Light’ will be an incredible experience for our visitors.” "Faster Than Light" has also been licensed by the Eugenides Foundation (Athens). “We have worked with Spitz before and been very happy with their visual capabilities,” said Dionysious P. Simopoulos, Director Emeritus, Eugenides Planetarium. “We committed to lease “Faster Than Light” immediately after they announced the title and subject matter, knowing it would work for us.” A number of other planetariums throughout the U.S. will be opening the show this summer and fall.

The story behind the story

Three years in the making, Faster Than Light was produced by Robin Sip (Mirage 3D), Mike Bruno (Spitz Creative Media) and Thomas Lucas (Thomas Lucas Productions). Brad Thompson (Spitz) and Leon Verschoor (Mirage3D) directed the visual production. The grandness of the themes explored by “Faster Than Light” resonated with audiences in extensive pre-release testing at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Burke Baker planetarium (Digistar True8K™system), and the Planetarium at the State Museum of Pennsylvania (Spitz ScidomeXD) in Harrisburg. The test audiences included members of the general public as well as school groups and their teachers, and museum staff. According to Harrisburg Planetarium director Linda Powell, “Students focused on the beautiful animations of the spacecraft and propulsion systems. Adults were intrigued to find that their childhood science fiction is becoming science reality, specifically when it came to antimatter engines. Teachers were excited to think about the different ways they can connect the show to curriculum. I’m looking forward to screening the final product to Museum visitors in the near future.”
We chose the grand story of interstellar flight because it’s richly thematic and the human quest resonates with people. Scientists are discovering that the galaxy is filled with planets. Telescopes are coming online that are going to be able to look at some of these worlds and determine whether there are atmospheres and possible signs of life.
Thomas Lucas, Director
Faster Than Light offers a compelling and credible story for our time with broad audience appeal, speaking to a wide range of ages, interests and educational topics,” said Mike Bruno of Spitz Creative Media. “We think our planetarium clients will find it an enduring and versatile title for public and educational programming. We’re very proud of what the team has accomplished and pleased to add ‘Faster Than Light’ to the Spitz fulldome library.” You can learn more and watch both the trailer and the full-lenght preview at the Show Details' page. “Faster Than Light” is distributed by Spitz Creative Media, Mirage3D and Evans & Sutherland.
Faster Than Light - Fulldome Showa

When matter and anti-matter combine inside a spacecraft's engine, they would create a beam of almost pure energy that could propel the craft to 50% the speed of light. Credit: Spitz Creative Media.

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