United Kingdom
January 21, 2021

Festoon - Dome in Your Home

Fulldome from home

Work on fulldome content from the comfort of home on both desktop and in VR

Festoon - Develop immersive fulldome content faster and easier. Review your content within a virtual dome, saving up to 30% production time.

Festoon Pro - The complete fulldome package boasting additional features including written and drawn virtual dome markers and intuitive environment customisation. 

Festoon Player - A lightweight viewer-only version of Festoon aimed at Distributors, Exhibitors and Festival Curators

Multiplayer - Enter your virtual dome to view and share your production with remote collaborators or clients from around the world. Multiplayer is available as a subscription package.


Festoon software packages offer a host of features that streamline an otherwise bulky production pipeline for fulldome and 360 media producers. Save up to 30% of your production time and bypass the need to access a physical dome or planetarium to develop and test iterations of your fulldome show.

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