Free Download: Lichtmond 5-min, 4K Fulldome Trailer

LICHTMOND – Universe Of Light, the audiovisual fulldome spectacular show has attracted more than 11.000 people at Planetarium Hamburg in it´s first 7 months. "Since the international version in 4K is now available in 2 lengths – 51 and 39 minutes – more and more planetariums value LICHTMOND as the perfect prime time entertainment program in their dome.", says Markus Schafer of The Space Between. "The show has started to spread internationally, even making its way into the US-market at the prestigous Clark Planetarium, Salt Lake City." German co-producers Planetarium Hamburg and blu phase media have now established an easy and remote solution for all "Planetarians" to assure themselves of the high quality audio-visual multimedia experience: download the 5:30min fulldome trailer in 4K from here, it's free!

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